Motorola Capri is a slim slider: Pics inside

Motorola Capri is a slim slider: Pics inside


First, the RAZR attacked the flip phone market by popularizing the slim mantra in clamshells. Then, the SLVR taught us that candybars could be skinny too. Clearly, the next logical step is to take the slim design to the sliding form factor and that’s exactly what Motorola plans on doing with the Capri. And we’ve got pictures to prove it.

This time around, however, Motorola isn’t the one innovating the industry because Samsung has been pumping out skinny sliders for some time now (yes, yes, we all know that Samsung was “inspired” by the original RAZR).

That said, there’s a good chance that this phone will actually hit the North American market through more legitimate channels than the gray market. No confirmation regarding specs and deets, but we suspect a miniSD expansion slot for tunes (iTunes-support is still up in the air) and pics (a 2.2 megapixel shooter is the best guess right now).

Your prediction regarding launch dates is probably as good as mine at this point.