Telus Mobility picks up the Motorola Q

Telus Mobility picks up the Motorola Q


As I filtered through my daily dose of junk mail, in between the pamphlet from a local charity and an offer for a pre-approved credit card, I found an advertisement from Telus Mobility, one of the two premiere CDMA service providers in Canada. It seems that we’re actually keeping pace with our neighbours to the south, because Telus Mobility has picked up the Motorola Q. Verizon, eat your heart out… okay, maybe not.

I immediately jumped onto my trusty computer and went to Telus Mobility’s official website to investigate, only to discover that it was notably missing from their products page. I looked through their Spark pages, rate plans, and such but found no mention of the slim smartphone there either.

So, I flip back to the original flyer I got in the mail. They’re saying that “Summer is sweet. And so are these great deals.” The other phones aren’t particularly notable – just your standard issue clamshells, though they have a couple mobile TV-capable handsets in there – but at the far right was the Motorola Q. Available for $249.99 with a three year contract, the Motorola Q even comes with a free Bluetooth headset. I guess for more info, you’d need to head to your local Telus Mobility kiosk and wait for a website update.