This PDA doubles as a wristwatch

This PDA doubles as a wristwatch


Not sure how many people actually need all of this functionality on their wrists, but Microsoft has come out with a watch that is, in effect, a wireless PDA. You can get news, weather, traffic info, stock quotes, and movie listings, all delivered to your wristwatch over FM radio frequencies. Oh yes, it tells time, too.

The official name of the product is the Abacus Smart Watch. The first part of the name suggests that it does calculations as well, although you won’t find a keypad with which to do these caluclations. The second part of the name describes what it is.

It’s customizable as far as the watch face and the type of watchband. It has a list price that hovers somewhere between a souped-up digital watch and a low-grade PDA.

Here’s the catch: You have to pay an annual fee to keep on getting those cool wireless features delivered over FM.

As long as you’re paying that US$40 a year, however, you might as well splurge and spend just US$20 more and run the Smart Watch to its full capability, which is to sync your Outlook calendar and also receive IMs via MSN Messenger.