Skype adapter turns landline handset into Internet phone

Skype adapter turns landline handset into Internet phone


Skype is expanding its grip on the call-anyone-anywhere market, courtesy of a new adapter from D-Link. This device lets you connect your computer to your landline phone and have that Skype call that you always wanted, the one without the clumsy headset.

The adapter, which you can connect to any standard phone wall socket, also hooks into a USB on any Windows PC, and away you go. You can program speed dial codes into your PC-based Skype interface and then dial just the speed-dial number on your landline handset or you can dial the old-fashioned way. Sadly, at least for now, this adapter doesn’t work with Mac systems.

The appealing thing about Skype is that, as long as both parties are using it, all phone calls are free. If you are using it but the person you are calling isn’t, then you pay a nominal fee, much less than you would pay if you picked up the landline and dialed. This adapter helps you save money on calls made by that landline phone.