Motorola makes dual-band Wi-Fi card

Motorola makes dual-band Wi-Fi card


If you need to get help fast on a Wi-Fi network, the last thing on your mind is switching frequencies or devices. Yet that’s what happens nowadays. The 4.9 GHz band is reserved for public safety use by emergency personnel and municipal employees, whereas the rest of us use the 2.4GHz band for regular, daily use.

Well, Motorola has taken a step in the direction of dual-band convenience by coming out with a card that allows connection on both frequencies. It’s the WDE1000 card, and it lets you connect to existing Wi-Fi hotspots or otherwise existing networks and also create your own networks, on either the 2.4GHz or the 4.9GHZ band. The dual-band card is the latest in the company’s MOTOMESH line of products designed with similar goals in mind.

First responders and ambulance workers will enjoy this new Wi-Fi flexibility, as will other safety personnel who might need to transmit on a different frequency in the event of a network outage.

Another obvious use is for cities or towns, which can use just the one card to create a Wi-Fi network for public use and one for public safety.