Flatten your mobile phone like a juice box

Flatten your mobile phone like a juice box


Remember those old juice boxes that dear old mom used to toss into your lunchbox each morning. Remember sipping up that glorious flavoured water chocked full of sweet (sugar) goodness? You’ll never look at a juice box quite the same way again, because an interesting design has popped up on the Yanko Design website: a tetra pak cell phone. Yup, you read correctly, a tetra pak.

Instead of the usual plastic or metal that we’ve grown accustomed to, they’ve come up with a concept for a cell phone that uses paper as its primary material. Of course, the focus isn’t on ultra high-tech functionality and 3G connectivity. Instead, this design is meant to exude “easy-handling, simplicity and convenience.” Talk about cutting costs though, eh? The bloody thing is even recyclable.

The designers are saying that this phone is perfect for travellers who just want a simple portable handset to use while away from home and not have to worry about calling cards and such. Called the “Paper says”, this mobile phone will obviously come with a tiny price tag, likely become available at convenience stores and tourist traps, and may even come clad with commercial print advertising.