Casio goes portable with small-ish XJ-S35 DLP projector

Casio goes portable with small-ish XJ-S35 DLP projector


How fitting. The details on the new DLP video projector from Casio are coming up rather skinny, just like the unit itself which is a mere 4.3mm thick, allowing you to bring your home video collection with you anywhere you go, boring relatives and “friends” all across the country.

While they’re marketing the XJ-S35 as a “pocket” projector, you have got to have some incredibly large pants to be able to fit this honking thing in your pocket. With a footprint of 270 x 199mm, it’s smaller than most other decent projectors on the market, but it’s far from being “pocket”-sized.

The 1.8 kilogram unit is capable of shooting out a resolution of 1024 x 768, and they’ve kept the display reasonably bright at 2000 lumens. The contrast ratio, while not the greatest, isn’t too shabby either at 1800:1. Perhaps one of the best features the Casio XJ-S35 is that it can take care of Mpeg 4 and Jpeg formats all by itself via the USB port, so stash up as many movies as you can onto your thumb drive and you’re good to go. No word on pricing or availability.