Both Skype and SIP found on FiWin phones

Both Skype and SIP found on FiWin phones


VoIP technology has made a lot of headway in recent years, with more and more people using internet connections to chat it up in real-time with people across the street, across the nation, and halfway across the globe. Two competing solutions – Skype and SIP – have up until now not been offered in the same handset, but you can now easily swap between the two thanks to a couple of new Wi-Fi phones from FiWin.

It must have dawned on the FIC-owned company that people want the best of both worlds, and don’t want to be forced to buy two different phones to able to do both the Skype dance and the SIP cha-cha. The FX28S and SS28S aren’t much to look at, but you will be able to get these phones to latch onto any 802.11b WLAN (no love for g-standard, sorry) connection. Talk time is adequate at 3.5 hours per charge, but you’re stuck with USB 1.1.

If you’re a-okay with a basic display, then you can opt for the SS28S and it’s 1.4-inch monochrome screen, but if you’re a glutton for color – and I know you are – then you’d much rather look into the 1.2-inch 65k color CSTN display found on the FX28S.