Big Green Bus runs on food

Big Green Bus runs on food


Want fries with that ride? You might think so after you get a whiff of it. It’s the Big Green Bus, and it’s the vehicle of choice for a group of college students who are driving across the U.S. for the second summer in a row in an effort to promote alternate vehicle fuels.

The Big Green Bus runs on vegetable oil, so the drivers can fill the tank at any place that fries food. We’re not talking any kind of valuable fuel, though. These are the tubs of oil that is too thick to pour down the drain and that businesses routinely pay to get rid of. The smell will vary depending on what kind of food is made at the refueling spot.

The genius behind this effort is a company called Greasecar, which sells kits that help you convert your car to run on vegetable oil. The only catch, other than that you have to buy the kit, is that your vehicle must be able to run on diesel. So that Mercedes-Benz Turbo Diesel behind you in traffic might just be smelling like fried rice.

Not surprisingly, the Big Green Bus and its accompanying awareness program have attracted some big-name sponsors, including Newman’s Own and Whole Foods.

The 50-stop tour begins in Hanover, N.H., and will visit most of the contiguous U.S. states this summer.