Poker dealer button goes high tech, sort of

Poker dealer button goes high tech, sort of


There’s no denying that poker has got to be the most popular card game these days, with a World Series of Poker or a World Poker Tour event always gracing the boob tube and countless tournaments being held at just about any casino across the nation. By far, the most prominent form of the game is Texas Hold ’em. Well, they’re saying that you can now “take your poker game to the ultimate level” with the Ultimate Dealer Button.

This high-tech device (well, not really, but just play along) still serves the same purpose as the standard white disc that accompany your poker chip set, except it has a handy display on the top side to keep track of pertinent information, like the size of the big blind, small blind, and ante. Perhaps best of all, you no longer have to keep track of the time, because the Ultimate Dealer Button does that on your behalf, presumably letting you know when it’s time to raise the blinds.

The Ultimate Dealer Button sells for $30.