Podster releases devilish iPod cases commemorating 6/6/06

Podster releases devilish iPod cases commemorating 6/6/06


Yesterday was a historic day for Marilyn Manson, goth chicks, and devil worshippers the world over. While the day (6/6/06) seemed to have passed by without a hitch – though, the movie “The Omen” was released yesterday to very limited fanfare, currently sitting at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes – you really didn’t think that at least one company would try to cash in on this once in a century opportunity, right?

Yes, some people may say that it’s just wrong, but that didn’t stop Podster from releasing a set of cases for the Apple iPod Video featuring the likeness of the Dark Lord himself. They’ve gone creative with the naming of these wrappers as well, christening them (tongue in cheek) “Splatterfest”, “Nightstalker”, and “Reaper”. But hey, aren’t those little devil horn things cute?

If you feel the need to express the darker side of your personality in preparation for the next goth event, then you can pick up these scorching hot cases for your 5G iPod for about $30 apiece.