Pininfarina Extra designs trendy hard drives for Simpletech

Pininfarina Extra designs trendy hard drives for Simpletech


It’s nothing out of the ordinary to hear a news story surrounding Pininfarina and the company dressing up the latest exotic vehicle with some extra goodies. With the latest trend of auto manufacturers teaming up with electronics makers (the Asus-Lamborghini laptop, for example), however, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that the Italian design house is jumping into the portable storage market as well.

Just announced are a few portable hard drives from the good people at SimpleTech. The design of these units is simple, yes, but elegantly stylish thanks to the specialists from Pininfarina Extra. Some may even say they look “trendy.”

What’s interesting is that they’re saying these devices are “based on Flash memory and DRAM technologies,” but clearly they are still the spinning round-and-round variety (5400rpm, to be exact) of hard drives. Maybe I’m missing something here.

In any case, they come in a plethora of colors — red, gray, silver, white and black — and capacities, with the 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB portable hard drives going for $110, $130, $150, and $180, respectively.