Microsoft’s Haiku portable PC concept still alive

Microsoft’s Haiku portable PC concept still alive


Microsoft’s Origami concept is still trying to find a solid market, but Microsoft is actively pursuing other portable PC options to expand the choices. Bill Gates originally showed off the Haiku concept, a device which is essentially just a screen about the size of a paperback, at WinHEC last year. When the Origami was released under so much hype earlier this year, some people speculated that that signaled the end of the line for the Haiku. Not so, as it turns out.

Gates originally suggested that the Haiku would be in 2007. That may not be viable now, but Microsoft is working with Via Technologies to make it work in a few years. Via is a chip maker which competes with Intel and AMD, and has focused on portable chips more in recent times. As they develop chips which are smaller, run cooler and take up less space, the Haiku comes closer to reality.

Whenever it happens, Microsoft wants a price for the Haiku in the $500 to $700 range.