Handheld tracks heart rate, for a price

Handheld tracks heart rate, for a price


The Pocket-PC Nerve Express can track your heart rate while you are on the go, and you can download your data to a PC for analysis. It seems a little large to carry with you on a training run or to the gym for a workout, but that seems to be the purpose.

You strap a belt around your chest. This strap transmits heart rate data to the transducer, which can interface with the iPAQ to show you whether you’re in your target heart rate range. Other data tracking is available as well, as is the ability to download all of your health data from the handheld to your corresponding PC version.

The overall goal is to track and analyze your heart rate while you are active. This device does a little more high-tech stuff than a standard heart-rate monitor (which is in the vast majority of cases just a strap and a watch), which at the outside can cost you US$700. The Pocket-PC Nerve Express, on the other hand, will set you back US$5,000.