GPS tracking device protects your car and handhelds

GPS tracking device protects your car and handhelds


GPS is being used for more and more things these days. One rather new use is to protect your car or wireless device from being ripped off.

A handheld system out of New Zealand operates using both GPS and GSM and can be programmed to send an alert when it is moving without your permission. The device is the TrimTrac GPS Locator, and it works in conjunction with Web-based software from the manufacturer Mr. Hawk.

You can program it to send you an SMS alert once it is in motion. Presumably, this is a signal that someone has stolen your vehicle. The device is made with the auto owner in mind, but it can also work to protect and track other devices, such as laptops.

It is small enough to hide in the glove box or under a seat, so would-be thieves don’t even know that you are tracking them. With a little ingenuity, you can also attach it to your laptop or other mobile device as a deterrent to “borrowing.”