DS to get promotional demos via the Wii

DS to get promotional demos via the Wii


The GameCube to Game Boy Advance connection never really took off for Nintendo, as much as they tried to trick people into buying both machines in order to get the most out of supported titles. They’re not giving up just yet with the system interaction game just yet, because they’re planning on using the always-online functionality of the forthcoming Wii to send gamers promotional demos that can then be launched over to the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS is already a proven platform with a strong fan following. The recent release of the DS Lite has added to its popularity, in addition to hot online games like Animal Crossing DS, Mario Kart DS, and Metroid Prime: Hunters. Currently, you can waltz into participating retailers and try out some new titles using the Download Station, but with the release of the Wii, you’ll be able to do something very similar right from the comfort of your own home.

According to CEO Satoru Iwata, Nintendo could “send monthly promotional demos for the DS, during the night, to the Wii consoles in each household. Users would wake up each morning, find the LED lamp on their Wii flashing, and know that Nintendo has sent them something.”