Kensington floods the market with notebook accessories

Kensington floods the market with notebook accessories


Kensington is a pretty prominent name when it comes to computer and electronic accessories, but if you didn’t know about them before, you probably won’t be able to miss them now because they just flooded the marketplace with no fewer than 20 new notebook accessories. These aren’t exactly twenty original pieces, though.

They are offering four different MicroSaver locks for when you happen to be away from your notebook. Available in keypad and combo-style, the MicroSaver locks retail for $40 to $70. For a comfortable way to carry around your notebook while on the go, Kensington has nine Contour laptop cases, endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, for anywhere from $30 to $100.

The non-model specific Notebook Expansion Dock with Video takes up a single USB port on your computer, but allows you to plug in all your extra peripherals without a hitch. Price is $180.

If you don’t like the touch pad on your comp, then you can look into the two wireless optical mice (Ci60 and Ci20) or the Si300 laser mouse. To control your sales pitches from afar, you can opt for the Wireless Presenter (with and without laser pointer) that allows you to click onto the next frame from up to 50 feet away using a palm-sized device.

And of course, they couldn’t go on an accessory releasing spree without throwing an iPod thingie into the mix. It’s a simple “4-in-1” car charger for the glossy white player and other USB devices.