Computerless file transfers with the Hitch USB-101

Computerless file transfers with the Hitch USB-101


Transfer files without a computer? Sounds impossible, yet it’s true. You can do this by using a handheld device called Hitch, which makes it possible to transfer any file between two USB devices.

Connect each of those friendly USB cables to the Hitch (digital camera, MP3 player, portable hard drive) and you’re ready to transfer. The Hitch has a screen-driven menu, which allows you to control which files get transferred to which device. No more waiting until you get home to the PC to enable a file transfer.

Other than the fact that you need two USB cables to make the transfer, about the only drawback is that the USB transfers are a bit slower than traditional transfer speeds. Chances are, you won’t notice it, however.

And of course, Hitch is compliant with all Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy-protection, allowing you to choose who has permission to experience your media.