Cell phone-powered remote car starter

Cell phone-powered remote car starter


Don’t go rushing out to your local automotive accessory shop just yet, but Sarah Dodge of Saratoga Springs High School has come up with a way that you can simply phone in to your automobile and have it start its engine. Unlike conventional remote car starters that typically have a limited range, you can call your car long distance, if you’d like, from half way across the globe, and get its engine revving.

The 18-year-old says that after you call the phone number associated with your automobile, you simply enter a 3-digit number into your mobile phone and, vroom vroom, there it goes. Best of all, there’s even a feedback system wherein the car “calls you back and lets you know the engine is running.”

Later on, this technology can be adapted to include other functions just like conventional car alarms and remote starters, like rolling down windows, and unlocking doors. Unfortunately, if your car is parked in an underground garage, this system likely will not work because it has to have reception… and we all know how well cell phones work in concrete jungles.