Use your phone to talk to your pet

Use your phone to talk to your pet


Want to understand your pets better? Try a new service from SK Telecom.

The Korean company is now showcasing a “premium pet translating service” that turns your words into pet-speak and your pet’s whimpers and barks into people-speak—sort of.

Here’s what happens: You make a 10-second recording of your pet uttering what sounds like an animal sentence and send it to the folks at SK Telecom. You also send them the age, sex, and kind of pet. In turn, they tell you what your pet is trying to tell you.

It works the other way, too: You can submit a sentence or two that you’d like your pet to understand and they’ll translate it into the voice similar to your pet’s. The service offers “languages” for 55 breeds.

It’s not exactly direct communication, but it’s close. Is it worth a try? Only you know for sure. I’ll ask my dog if it’s OK with him and get back to you.