Archos launches 4GB XS104 music player

Archos launches 4GB XS104 music player


Personally, when I hear of a product from Archos, the first thing I think of is a multi-functional personal media player (PMP), with a beefy-ish hard drive and a large color display for all my movies. That’s why it’s a little off putting for me when I hear about the company’s latest release, the XS104, because it is a fairly basic MP3 player for a non-bargain basement price.

You do get 4GB of storage space from the included microdrive, putting it in the same market as the iPod nano, so that should be enough space for most people who want their tunes on the go. The 1.5-inch OLED display is adequate, but not huge. The XS104 does support picture viewing (JPEG), don’t expect any video support on this player. Instead, you’ll have to stick to your audio fix for the most part, enjoying your MP3, WMA and WAV collection.

Measuring 91 x 43 x 14mm and tipping the scales at 80 grams, the Archos XS104 is available now for $230 through Cyberport.