Transformers movie to feature new Camaro


    One the most hotly anticipated flicks next summer – yes, I’m already thinking that far ahead – is the CG-animated Transformers movie, which is sure to be a hit with just about any kid who grew up in the 80s.

    Well, those folks, myself included, are all grown up now and some have gotten themselves interested in cars. Those will be particularly interested to hear that Bumblebee will start out as a 1970s Camaro, but after some unannounced difficulties over the course of the film, he gets rebuilt as a 2008/09 Camaro. Yes, that awesome looking concept that has been making the rounds at the auto shows.

    Some of the other details surrounding the Transformers movie, which is set for release on the fourth of July next year, have also surfaced. The Paramount, DreamWorks, and Hasbro project will have Starscream of the Decepticons as a F22 Raptor, the Autobots’ leader Optimus Prime as a fire truck, and what appears to be an evil Mustang police car clad with Decepticon iconography. The last vehicle even comes complete with decals reading “To punish and enslave.”