Something old, something new with Recoleta iPod cases

Something old, something new with Recoleta iPod cases


Your choice of fashion is all your own, whether you’re into the hip hop scene and enjoy wearing big baggy jeans, or you like the preppy look with a sweater vest. For those of you who are into retro styling, it can sometimes be hard to integrate a shiny music player into your outfit without ruining the retro look. After all, they didn’t exactly have iPods back in the 70s.

Fear not, my fashion minded aficionados, because you can now pick up the Recoleta iPod cases which will blend right into your choice of greens, browns, and other earth tones. Available in aqua metallic, bronze metallic, and rose metallic, these cases will keep your Steve Jobs-provided media players safe, chic, and protected.

They really did go retro, though, because there don’t seem to be any offerings from the shoptwigs site for the newer generation Nano or 5G Video. Instead, they have cases for the mini and “full size” iPods. Pick them up while they’re hot, because they have a half price sale going on, letting you pick up the cases for $34-$39.