LF-1200 is more chocolate from LG

LF-1200 is more chocolate from LG


Easily one of the most popular phones to come out of the LG camp in quite some time is the Chocolate phone. Here’s what appears to be a follow-up to the hot handset, or at the very least, one that borrows many of the styling cues that made the Chocolate phone what it is today. The LG LF-1200 comes with the same Cyon branding, glossy black exterior, and sliding form factor in a 15.9mm thick package.

Just as the original was designed with multimedia in mind, the LF-1200 comes back with the same music playing abilities and a microSD expansion slot for storing your tunes (and pics). The camera, a 1.3 megapixel shooter, isn’t exactly top of the line, but is fairly adequate for your spur of the moment cameraphone needs. Other features include Bluetooth wireless technology, remote control abilities (for flipping on the boob tube, for example), and a Bluetooth-powered walkie-talkie function.

No word on availability, but they’re expecting the pricing to sit at around $400.