RIM Blackberry devices designed for broadband

RIM Blackberry devices designed for broadband


Sprint has taken the wraps off two updated Blackberry devices, the 7130e and the 7250, both specifically designed for mobile broadband. The Research In Motion-produced devices boast average download speeds of up to 2MBps, the company says.

The by-now-standard features of phone, email, Bluetooth, and flash memory are included. Those have become so ho-hum nowadays that it is rare to see a device without all these bells and whistles. (Although, as we have seen, not everyone wants the full catastrophe.)

The EV-DO capability is a welcome sight to many users, as are push email and the backlit QWERTY keyboard-phone keypad combo, which should excite those who tire of using A9 all the time to type text messages. The most unique feature just might be the tethered modem option, whereby you plug the Blackberry into your laptop in order to provide Internet access for your computer. That feature alone might get some people in the door to buy.

If you already have a Blackberry, you’re probably not missing a whole lot by giving these a pass. If you are in the market for one, these look to be the first of a new wave of devices designed to take advantage of emerging technologies absent from its predecessors.