Four new digital cameras from HP

Four new digital cameras from HP


While high end photographers wouldn’t even think about HP when it comes time to replace their picture taker, the camera maker is quite popular among the family-oriented crowd looking for a decent point-and-shooter. The company has just announced four new additions to their Photosmart line of digital cameras: the R967, R827, M227, and E427.

They don’t come much more basic than the E427. Although it packs a more than adequate six megapixel imaging sensor, there is no optical zoom. But hey, it’s an absolute bargain at a mere $129 for a brand new camera. Step it up a notch and consider the 7 MP M627, which packs 3x optical zoom in a typical silver package. For an extra 0.2 megapixels and surely a few other bells and whistles — like a 2.5-inch LCD and an “ultracompact body” — you should take a look at the $299 R827.

The flagship of the bunch is the 10 megapixel R967. With 3x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD, 32MB of built-in memory and technology to help prevent blurry pictures for us shaky-handed folk, the R967 is priced at $449.