A whole army of high fashion iPod cases

A whole army of high fashion iPod cases


As if you didn’t already have enough cases and pouches to choose from when it came to personalizing everyone’s favorite player — not to mention protecting them from the inevitable scratches — the good people over at i-doll have teamed up with Dr. Bott to bring you an onslaught of iPod cases.

With a huge number of cases available for the shuffle, nano, and 5G video, you won’t get standard issue neoprene stuff here. Oh no, instead you’ll get some python skinned textures, sparkly “Stardust” patterns, and even these strange furry things for those of you who aren’t a fan of sleek and shiny.

While they may not be my cup of tea, you have to respect how well these things are put together because they say that the cases are “hand stitched by French leather craftsmen who pay close attention to detail and tradition.” Let your fluffy or scaly personality come shining through for anywhere from $28 to $50.