UpSnap provides bird flu alert service

UpSnap provides bird flu alert service


Paranoia about the bird flu is building every time you turn around (or turn on the TV), so it only makes sense that companies will try to find ways to capitalize on that fear. UpSnap, a company based in Davidson, N.C., a startup company that provides search and entertainment on phones, has come up with what it claims to be the first bird flu alert service. As soon as bird flu appears in your state or region, you’ll receive a text message alerting you so you can climb into your bunker and hide.

But wait, there’s more ways to be afraid. The $3.99 per month service will also alert you about major terror incidents, travel advisories, public health warnings and natural disaster updates. The information comes from the Homeland Security Department, the Centers for Disease Control, FEMA, the FBI and others.

As well as emergency updates, you will receive a weekly voice summary of major threats. Are you feeling the stress yet?