Specktone iPod speakers for that 70s show

Specktone iPod speakers for that 70s show


I know what you hip cats are thinking: another day, another iPod accessory. Maybe so, but if you’re a fan of the “something old, something new” look, then Speck has an all new toy for you to fiddle with. The SpeckTone is an iPod speaker dock clad in retro styling, reminiscent to some of the 1950s and to others of the 1970s. Maybe it’s just certain elements that bring about those particular sentiments, but the “retro” message is clear.

The sound produced is said to be “richer” as a result of analogue innards (read: marketing speak for let’s see if we can get some people that way). The 28 watt speaker and 4-inch subwoofer seem to be reasonably adequate. In any case, there’s a good chance that it sounds better than your old transistor radio, but what do I know. The green backlit volume knob may be a little too prominent, as well as the large logo on the left side, but that very well could just add to its charm.

The SpeckTone Hi-Fi iPod speaker dock is available now for $150.