Nintendo launches Touch Generations brand for the non-gamer

Nintendo launches Touch Generations brand for the non-gamer


Nintendo has taken quite a different strategy as of late, aiming a good part of their business at non-traditional titles designed to entice people not normally interested in video games. Many of the upcoming games coming up for the Wii, for example, can be picked up and played by virtually anyone. Heck, the trailer even involves a couple of grandparents getting in on the action.

In line with this new strategy, Nintendo is set to launch the Touch Generations brand targeted squarely at the casual gamer. They want to introduce the DS (and DS Lite) to a demographic that traditionally would never even wander into that section of Walmart. Current games that would fall under this new branding include Nintendogs, Tetris DS, and the hugely popular Brain Age.

Next month, we will see three new additions to this line of ‘games for everyone’: Big Brain Academy (sequel to Brain Age), Magnetica (a simple puzzle game), and Sudoku Gridmaster (you figure it out).