iRiver pocket TV B10 lacks MP3

iRiver pocket TV B10 lacks MP3


The name Reigncom may not ring a bell, but I’m pretty sure that you should be familiar with one of the comapany’s underlings. iRiver doesn’t have the biggest market share when it comes to portable music players, but they still put out some decent products. The latest Korea-bound release is the iRiver B10. Also dubbed the “Pocket TV”, this thing is tiny. In fact, its footprint is even smaller than a credit card (70 x 50 mm).

Weighing in at 77 grams, the B10 sports a smallish 2.2-inch QVGA TFT display capable of displaying 262,000 colors. Interestingly, while it is capable of grabbing onto T-DMB for Korean dramas on the go, as well as DMB radio and plain Jane FM, they didn’t include the ability to jam away to MP3s or any other stored audio for that matter.

With an external antenna and a 3-hour lithium-polymer battery, the black iRiver Pocket TV retails for 129,000(KRW).