General Motors invests in six-speed automatic transmission

General Motors invests in six-speed automatic transmission


In talking with my dad about cars, he started to reminisce about when some of the most popular vehicles on the road were only three speed and it was incredibly innovative to have the gear shift on the floor of the car rather that attached to the steering column. My, how times have changed.

Yesterday, General Motors announced that they will be throwing $170 million dollars into its Ypsilanti transmission facility in an effort to further develop and produce the HydraMatic six-speed automatic transmissions. Designed to work with their rear- and all-wheel models, this new system will be found in the SRX crossover and certain 2007 Cadillac STS performance sedans.

GM Powertrain vice president of manufacturing John Buttermore says that this six-speed auto is “like having two transmissions in one” with the first gear providing “tremendous off-the-line acceleration”, with the torque evenly distributed among the rest of the gears. The overdrive gear “helps deliver great fuel economy” as well.