Blow this screen up and take it on the road

Blow this screen up and take it on the road


When is a 96-inch screen not a 96-inch screen? When it’s inflatable.

No need to ask us to repeat. It’s an inflatable screen, one that you can blow up (with the included pump, of course) in just about five minutes, so you can take your home theater with you wherever you go.

The setup includes high-powered speakers as well, so you don’t have the mismatch of large screen and tiny speakers. The manufacturers, Sima, have thoughtfully also included such things as a ground cloth and stakes, so your newly blown up screen doesn’t go flying off at the first hint of wind.

We’re not sure we need this sort of thing, but imagine watching World Cup Soccer on the beach?

You can expect to spend at least US$1,000 on the smaller model. Oh yes, they have a larger model, too, with a 144-inch screen. And as long as you’re plunking down that kind of money, you might as well splurge for the speaker mounts as well.