Stay dry, keep cool, and listen to tunes with a SeV Performance...

Stay dry, keep cool, and listen to tunes with a SeV Performance T-Shirt


Let’s face it. You just can’t leave your home without a cell phone and music player in tow, especially if you plan on going for a run or to the gym. This can create quite the quandary, however, because where can you stow your electronic goodies without them bobbing up and down, and getting in the way?

SeV innovated the industry nearly six years ago with their “Technology Enabled Clothing” meant to seamlessly integrate your goodies. The most recent addition to this line is the Performance T-Shirt, designed specifically for the Apple iPod. Made of 3M Quick Dry, it seems to work much in the same way as, say, the Dri-Fit shirts from Nike. They will “draw moisture away from your body, keeping you drier, cooler, and more comfortable.”

What sets this “ultimate in active wear” shirt apart from the competition, of course, is that it incorporates the patented Personal Area Network and Weight Management System. Ear bud wires and hidden away, the special pocket holds your iPod, all while the “special fabric” prevents chafing.

The SeV Performance T-Shirts can be purchased now through Scottevest, and are priced around $30-35. Currently only black is available, though they plan other colours in the future.