Feeling out of it? Blame your wireless network

Feeling out of it? Blame your wireless network


I always take these reports with a grain of salt, because they lack proper scientific design, controls, and that sort of thing, but it certainly is a little disconcerting to hear about the potential health problems related to Wi-Fi.

According to experts, the proliferation of wireless networking – it’s just a little too easy to make use of Wi-Fi these days, short of the security concerns – could be to blame for a number of problems. More specifically, the “emissions from wireless access points and other electromagnetic devices” could be leading to such things as headaches, fatigue, irritability and a lack of concentration.

The issue doesn’t seem to affect all people. That said, there seems to be significant population who “react badly to wireless networks”, according to Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch. Some have suggested that it is as high as 30% who are “electrosensitive”; other, more conservative, estimates have it at one in 10,000.