SCE outfits the PSP with lots of Signature accessories

SCE outfits the PSP with lots of Signature accessories


There is no denying the huge fan following behind Sony’s portable gamer. What sets the PSP apart from the competition, however, is that it is being marketed not only as a video game machine, but an all-in-one entertainment device.

Like the Apple iPod, there is never a shortage of accessories for the Sony PlayStation Portable, but I think this is the first time I’ve come across an announcement for no fewer than 18 new items to accompany your PSP: SCE has just launched the PlayStation Signature series.

While the ¥13,000 headphones, ¥30,000 tote bag, and ¥8,000 crocodile-lick PSP case may sound perfectly functional and actually something you’d use with Sony’s machine, there are a heck of a lot of products that just sound like they’re cashing in on a good thing like the ¥5,500 coin purse, ¥2,200 champagne flute, and ¥2,600 pen set. The most expensive entries are the ¥20,000 notebook and the ¥33,600 Emeliio Pucci-designed PSP case.