Polaroid prices 10-megapixel camera under $300

Polaroid prices 10-megapixel camera under $300


Polaroid is pushing the bar again, and they’ve come a long way from the instant-picture days. Yet in some ways, nothing has changed.

The latest model is a 10-megapixel job that offers a host of user-friendly functions and cutting-edge numbers that doesn’t tax your wallet in the process. The i1032 manages to bridge both sides of the technology gap, with a 4x digital zoom and red-eye compensator with a full-on fill flash. Those who want more than the 4-spot zoom will be disappointed.

Keeping in line with the rest of the digital offerings these days, it’s a lightweight number with an LCD as large as possible within the size constraints of the body itself (2.4″). Perhaps its main selling point is the rather high resolution you can achieve, 3680×2760.

We’re sure you’ll like the price, too, which comes in at under US$300.