Fill the room with cuteness: Hello Kitty iPod speakers

Fill the room with cuteness: Hello Kitty iPod speakers


Just look around you and you’ll see that the characters emanating from the land of the rising sun are just as popular as many homegrown classics like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. One such Japanese cartoon that is particularly popular — especially in urban areas with larger Asian populations — is Hello Kitty. And the marketers behind the brand are cashing in on the little feline like there’s no tomorrow.

The latest in their line of items clad with Hello Kitty badging is the KT4555 iPod speaker dock. Meant to rock the Kasbah while on the go, the not-so-loud set can either be plugged into the wall using the provided AC/DC adapter or powered by a set of four AA batteries.

The very pink unit comes with a less than fantastic 2W x 2 output, but does sport the love for a good variety of Apple music players, including the iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, Photo, Mini and Nano. Heck, it can tackle any other MP3 player (including your special edition Hello Kitty one) thanks to the line-in jack.