BioCert unveils “affordable” biometric flash drive

BioCert unveils “affordable” biometric flash drive


I don’t need to tell you that biometric technology isn’t really a fancy schmancy technology reserved for high-end users anymore. We’re starting to find fingerprint readers on a whole lot of consumer electronics these days, and the latest addition to this trend is an offering from BioCert. The company has just released the ClipBio Pro, a 1GB USB flash drive that rocks a fingerprint reader for extra security.

While the previous rendition of this product — featured in the “How to Travel Like a Billionaire – 2006” article found in Forbes Magazine — was a little out of the range for most consumers ($230), this new fingerprint-reading thumb drive is only $130.

There really isn’t anything else that is particularly special about the new ClipBio Pro from BioCert, but it does come packed with the iQBioDrive security software in case you’re feeling not so safe. Available now through retailers listed on the official site.