Surf or cell, it’s all covered at Atlanta airport

Surf or cell, it’s all covered at Atlanta airport


No matter where you go in the main Atlanta airport (Hartsfield-Jackson), you’ll get a signal. Whether it’s Wi-Fi or mobile phone signal you’re after, they have you covered.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has an It’s a model of efficiency, with a mountain of coaxial cable connecting carrier base stations to ceiling-mounted antennas that dot ceilings throughout the city-size airport. It’s so easy to use that everyone—employees and travelers—can access it.

If you’re not at all skittish about such data loss or about your mobile conversations being recorded, then Atlanta is the place you want to have a layover in. You can even use the LAN to access your Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, or MetroPCS data services, even to the tune of 3G.

The goal was to create ease of communication throughout the sprawling airport, especially for employees and for safety personnel. The cellular network has been operating for a few weeks now, and the LAN has been online longer than that. The fact that they’re still in operation on a wide scale means that problems have been few and far between. And with 6 million square feet of space to cover, the network connectivity is massive.