Siren Edge MP3 player looks sharp

Siren Edge MP3 player looks sharp


While softer, more bulbous units may appeal to a certain demographic, people looking for something with a little more personality may be drawn to the Siren Edge MP3 player. Complete with a healthy dose of in-your-face chrome, the Edge packs in four gigabytes of internal memory, enough space for up to 2000 of your favourite alternative, rock, and heavy metal jams, as well as a little room to spare for some Barry Manilow and New Kids on the Block. Don�t deny it.

While they explicitly mention support for WMA and MP3 formats, as well as love for “many on-line subscription content providers”, we are left to wonder whether the Siren Edge MP3 player will be able to tackle PlaysForSure, Fairplay, and other DRM’d songs out there. It definitely won’t do the Ogg Vorbis dance, though.

Other features include an integrated FM tuner (with recorder), USB 2.0, and compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS environments. Powered by a single AAA battery, the Edge will keep your head bobbing for reportedly over sixteen hours before demanding a replacement.

Sorry about keeping you on the edge of your seat about pricing. The Siren Edge (designed by ex-Rio employees) is available through your big brother Walmart dealer for $210.