Juiced: Eliminator helps you earn street cred

Juiced: Eliminator helps you earn street cred


Racing video games have taken a little bit of a different spin in recent years, sometimes shifting the focus away from unattainable exotics, towards highly modified sport compacts that are a hit among the street tuner crowd. The latest in this line is Juiced: Eliminator for the PSP, which allows gamers to not only fulfill their “need for speed”, but with the career mode, earn a little respect along the way.

You see, Juice Games has gone a little deeper with the career mode this time around. Instead of the standard fare of having to place in the top three in order to move on to the next race, you are given a choice. Several choices, actually, including the ability to select which races to participate in, as well as making your own custom races.

In addition, you can bet with the other racers to earn a few extra bucks (to buy more customization parts) and a whole lot of respect. Without this “street cred”, you will not be invited to certain events, will not be challenged to race for pink slips, and otherwise will miss out on substantial parts of game.

Juiced: Eliminator will hit shelves on July 11, 2006.