HTC Hermes also available as O2 XDA Trion

HTC Hermes also available as O2 XDA Trion


Let the rebranding continue. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to find HTC handsets fall under the guise of any number of other companies. We’ve already seen the HTC Hermes rebadged as the Jas Jam from i-mate, and now O2 is grabbing a piece of the Hermes pie, so to speak, with their own version, the XDA Trion.

If you’ll buy into their marketing speak, O2 Germany is calling this smartphone a “Super 3G” unit. I’m not sure if it warrants the superlative adjective, but there is support for HSDPA, in addition to the standard quad-band GSM/GPRS stuff. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi.

Running on Windows Mobile 5.0 complete with push email extensions, the XDA Trion packs a 400MHz Samsung processor (the i-mate Jas Jam only goes 300MHz), 64MB RAM, 128MB Flash ROM, a 2MP camera, and a reported 1350mAh rechargeable battery. There is also a secondary camera mounted the front, presumably for video telephony.