Nokia Car Kit to play music, chat it up, and tell you...

Nokia Car Kit to play music, chat it up, and tell you where to go


Nokia is already one of the largest cell phone manufacturers on the planet, but they’re not content with hogging up all the precious real estate in your pocket and/or purse. They want a big piece of the in-car electronics pie as well, and that’s why they’re heavily promoting the new CK-20W Car Kit.

While it is basically just a dash-mounted dock and remote, their ingenious PR department is calling it the “first integrated hands-free solution to combine high-quality communication, music, navigation and push-to-talk in the car.” Of course, this is because many of their higher end (and even not that high-end) phones are capable of playing music, as well as “communication”, of course.

However, if you want your handy handset to tell you where to go, you’ll need to purchase an additional GPS Bluetooth receiver. Of course, they’re quick to mention that the soon-to-be-released Nokia LD-2 Navigation Pack is perfect for that purpose. No word on pricing, but both the CK-20W Car Kit and LD-2 Navigation Pack should be available later this summer.