Motorola says: Pass me the SCPL

Motorola says: Pass me the SCPL


I guess Motorola knows a good thing when they see it. They’ve enjoyed the huge popularity of its four letter phones, so they’re prepared to release another quad of capital letters on the world: SCPL (pronounced “scalpel”).

Following in the footsteps of the slim RAZR flip phone, skinny SLVR candybar, and the nearly anorexic sliding phone known unofficially in some circles as the SLDR, the SCPL is said to be even thinner. The cutting edge phone will pack “five features that would stand out from rival phones.”

The teaser of a news release ends there, leaving us wondering about pretty well everything about this phone. They’re not telling us the form factor, nor are they releasing what those “five features” will be, but if their previous successes are any indication, they’ll surely be cutting a big piece of the pie with the SCPL.

The question remains, however: how will they overcome the inevitable confusion in the operating room when the surgeon asks the nurse to pass him his scalpel.