Marantz IS201 blows up your iPod content

Marantz IS201 blows up your iPod content


Sure, enjoying your music on a sweet set of earbuds may be quite the experience, but can you imagine sharing the love with those around you using a high-end home theatre system? That’s the idea behind the Marantz IS201 universal iPod docking system. By the looks of things, it can handle just about any generation of glossy white (or black) player you throw at it, from the more recent iPod nano and Video all the way back to the now archaic iPod Mini and Photo.

Using the IS201, you can send your gigabytes and gigabytes worth of music, video clips, and picture files onto that newly acquired 60-inch plasma television and blast away your neighbours using high-powered stereo equipment. Of course, the movie clips may be a little pixelated, but the tunes should translate just fine.

The Marantz unit, with its tiny footprint, can interface with your home theatre equipment using S-Video and RCA. Best of all, you can control it all from afar using the provided remote and the graphic interface displayed on your large television.

Marantz IS201 will let you go big as of next month. No pricing info available at this time.