Griffin TuneBuds nano integrate audio cables into lanyard

Griffin TuneBuds nano integrate audio cables into lanyard


Tired of feeling ripped off buying official Apple-branded accessories for your iPod? Well, you can save a few bucks by buying aftermarket stuff from other manufacturers and one of the biggest names in that industry is, of course, Griffin. If you’re in love with the Apple in-ear lanyard headphones designed for the sleek and thin iPod nano, then you might want to look into the TuneBuds nano from Griffin.

Like the Apple equivalent, the Griffin TuneBuds nano integrate the in-ear headphones right into the lanyard, with the audio cables running inside, eliminating the tangle and mess associated with wired ear buds. The Griffin unit, however, adds sound-isolating technology to the mix.

Compared to $49 for the Apple product, the Griffin offering isn’t exactly a huge bargain at $35, but hey, $15 is $15. Should be available now (or soon) at a retailer near you. Available in both black and white to suit your choice of nano.