Audi Q3 crossover only has two doors

Audi Q3 crossover only has two doors


Volkwagen already has the Touareg to capture the higher end of the sport utility market, but for people interested in the frills associated with a luxury model in a smaller package, it seems that the German automaker is working on the Audi Q3. The new compact crossover (or SUV; the two seem to have melded together into one these days) is still a rumour at this point, but based on this artist’s rendering, it seems fully within the realm of reason.

Unfortunately, as it seems like only a two-door model, they may have a hard time selling the sport out here in North America. That said, the new Toyota FJ Cruiser slipped in a couple of rear suicide doors, so it doesn’t seem that far fetched that VW/Audi would do the same for the Q3.

For a full four doors, you need to look no further than the Q3’s bigger brother, the Q5 crossover that is reportedly set for a 2008 model year release.