Apple patent could point to iPod Sport

Apple patent could point to iPod Sport


Another patent filed by Apple has been uncovered, meaning that a patent infringement lawsuit is bound to happen at some point. This time the patent, which was filed on November 24, 2004, is for a ‘Music synchronization arrangement’. This news, which is clearly directed towards use while exercising, makes sense given Apple’s new partnership with Nike.

The patent features technology that goes beyond what the Nike+iPod Sport Kit can do. It has a mode in which the iPod will measure the tempo of your feet as you are running and choose songs with the same tempo. This would be done using a built-in accelerometer. It can also change the tempo of a song to match your tempo. The idea is that the music will help you maintain your tempo. Alternately, you can set a tempo and strive to meet and maintain it.

This leads to speculation about the emergence of a Sport iPod of some kind. If it happens, you have to imagine Nike will somehow be involved, too.