T-Mobile releases fruity PEBLs

T-Mobile releases fruity PEBLs


I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not talking about a breakfast cereal. At least this time. While on way to extend the life of any given electronic device is to throw out an extra peripheral, a software update, or some added functionality to the mix (how many RAZRs are on the market these days?), another way to get a few new customers on board is to add a little color.

T-Mobile has just announced that the Motorola PEBL, the smooth internal antenna’d clamshell, will now be offered in three new colors: green, blue, and orange. For the more conventional, the standard black PEBL is also still available. In marketing speak, the “new” PEBLs “offer more than a communication experience – they offer a choice of rich colors and a high concept design for an ideal lifestyle accessory.” Riiiiight.

The features remain completely identical, with a “I guess it’s alright” VGA camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, advanced voice recognition, and video playback. Listen to Catherine Zeta Jones and lock yourself down for two years, then buy a fruity PEBL for $99.